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Find a place to relax or develop your inner growth

     in Castell de la Solana offers an environment to, in interaction with others, take on your challenges. Realising your potential and making dreams come true often comes with hurdles and setbacks. It requires time and space, and you are the agent.  

Maarten and Björn created a special place for you. A lush oasis of tranquility, in which individual, personal attention and proper nutrition establish the foundation for you to develop. Amidst the olive trees, you can find your feet, breath the air and get inspired.

They can offer you extra tools and suggestions. Tools that may ease and scaffold the process an that you can take home. You could think of this as if it were extra nutrients, supporting an olive tree’s growth spurts. This nourishment consists of programmes offered by professional trainers. All aiming at helping you to grow.